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Search for products and manufacturers in Turkey
For our clients, we find and select the best manufacturers not only in Turkey.

TRADE PARTNER has specialized divisions specializing in various product categories, including consumer goods, food, sporting goods, toys, clothing, textiles, equipment, materials, furniture, DIY products, chemicals and much more.
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Production in Turkey
The advantages of manufacturing outsourcing in Turkey have long been appreciated not only by large enterprises, but also by representatives of medium and small businesses. The benefits of locating production in Turkey are due to low costs, a rich raw material and technological base, a choice of narrow production specialization and a developed logistics network.
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Legal support of transactions and outsourcing of foreign economic activity
TRADE PARTNER provides comprehensive services to support foreign economic activity, both during import operations and during export sales. We organize the main stages of foreign economic activity, determine the most effective form and procedure for concluding contracts, represent the interests of our clients in Turkey.
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